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Overcome the fear of public speaking

With scriptively as a companion you'll become a better
more effective writer, speaker, teacher and leader!

Scriptively was designed by speakers who understand your struggle. It streamlines the creative process and provides all the tools that you need to write and deliver great talks!

Easily Develop Your Main Ideas

Develop your main ideas using story boards which help inspire creativity and minimize writer's block.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Write, prompt, and speak! Scriptively was designed with practice and mastery in mind.

Visualize Success and Deliver


Record your talk, play it back, and improve as you see & hear yourself the way others do.

Script, Prompt & Speak!

Everything that a speaker needs to write and deliver great talks!

Script Editor with Story Boards

Our storyboard editor will help you organize your main ideas and keep you focused on writing your script.

Teleprompter (SRS) - Speech Recognition Scroll

Automatically scrolls your script as you speak so you can focus on nailing your delivery!

Audio & Video Recorder


Record and export audio or video for social media posts, online courses, sales presentations, podcasts and more!

Sync between iOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Scriptively keeps all your devices in sync so that your best ideas stay with you!

Get Started Today!

Everything a speaker needs to write and deliver great talks

This could be the best decision you've ever made towards becoming a better, more confident speaker, teacher and leader!