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Don't just wing it, be prepared. Write your script, practice it, and on meeting day deliver it live with Scriptively no matter which conference tool you use!

Instead of looking down at your notes, keep your eyes focused on your audience for a more engaging and connected experience.

Script, Prompt & Speak!

Everything that a leader needs to write and deliver great virtual talks!

Built in Script Editor, Teleprompter (SRS) - Speech Recognition Scrolling, and Audio/Video Recorder

Easily Develop Your Main Ideas

Develop your main ideas using story boards which help inspire creativity and minimize writer's block.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Scriptively was designed with practice and mastery in mind. It automatically scrolls your script as you speak so you can focus on nailing your delivery!

Visualize Success and Deliver

Record your talk, play it back, and improve as you see & hear yourself the way others do.

Stay synced and organized

Scriptively syncs across devices so your best ideas stay with you

Scriptively works on the following devices and operating systems.


For MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 and above

iPhone & iPad

For Apple devices running iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 and above


For Windows 10


For Android OS 9 and up

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Everything a speaker needs to write and deliver great talks

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